New Moon in Capricorn: Star of Symphony // Vedic Astrology

Artwork by Caroline Manière
Artwork by Caroline Manière

The new moon on February 11th took place in the last degree of sidereal Capricorn in Dhanishtha, the Star of Symphony. The new moon (amāvásyā) initiates the beginning of a cycle and sets the theme for the month to come. The Sun and Moon are accompanied by four other planets, all within the lunar mansion of Shravana. These energies beckon a month of listening to your intuition, the unspoken words of others and the pauses in-between.

Past memories and experiences have circled around and triggered old patterns to take you for a spin. We’re at the balancing point between maintenance and destruction — when all that has become stale or stagnant is no longer needed and begins to unravel. Will you choose to tighten your grip or allow Nature to take her course?

This chaos is as ancient as the story woven by your ancestors and is an integral part of your evolutionary journey. As new issues surface, part of you may feel as if you’ve already walked down this path and may be second guessing your direction. How could you reframe your vision on this current situation? Perhaps this unraveling is the very medicine needed to pivot you in the direction you’ve been aiming to travel all along. Just as, the very process of emerging from the cocoon provides the butterfly’s wings with the fluid needed to be able to take flight.

The shift you’re seeking may be taking longer than anticipated — this doesn’t mean that you’re going in the wrong direction. Perhaps you’re trying to reroute and course correct before there is any need to panic at all. Some adapting to the current situation is being requested of you and do your best not to get sidetracked by the bumps in the road. Know that it is not the time to give up.

The pressure is building and your initial response may be to tighten your grip on the reigns and push forward even stronger. How can you respond to this chaos in a different way than before? Lean into the grace of that which you do not prefer and you will find new information and solutions presenting themselves to you. Get decisive — choose a direction, work selflessly and stick to it. This is also a perfect time to be playing and listening to music.

Just like the drum, when we become a conduit for Source, when we can become like a hallow bone, the rhythms of the universe can flow through us more effortlessly. Step into your receptivity and trust in the presence of the Unknown.

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“Ground yourself, strip yourself down, to blind, loving silence. Stay there, until you see You are gazing at the Light With its own ageless eyes.” — Rumi

On February 20th Mercury goes direct, the 21st Mars will move out of Aries (own sign) where it’s been quite aggravated, and then slowly, slowly beginning with Sun, five of the six planets (except Saturn) will move into Aquarius and begin to soften the restrictions that many are feeling — culminating with Jupiter transitioning out of debilitation on April 5th. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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As a second generation Vedic Astrologer I work to elevate and align you with your true nature through the ancient sister sciences of Jyotiṣa (Vedic Astrology), Āyurveda, and Yoga.



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Tulsi Bagnoli

I work to elevate and align you with your true nature through the ancient sister sciences of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), Āyurveda, and Yoga.